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WISEWOMAN FORUM: Tarot as a Tool for Inner Work by Annilee Oppenheimer

  • Sunday, May 15, 2022
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Zoom

Discussion Group

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Many of us are dismissive of Tarot readings as a superstitious practice unworthy of our time and attention. This is unfortunate because the Tarot is in fact a fascinating system of symbols that emerged during the Italian Renaissance six hundred years ago. When viewed from a Jungian perspective, Tarot imagery is an evocative, layered depiction of archetypal energies operating in the human psyche. Some have called the symbols in the Tarot a “sacred mirror” because contemplating how these images relate to our life experience enable us to see how these energies are showing up in us and help us gain insight into our inner process. Rather than have these archetypal energies unconsciously act on us, working with the Tarot can help us name these energies, claim them, and consciously express them in positive, beneficial ways.     

In this workshop, we will look at how the Tarot can be a tool for doing inner work through a Jungian lens. We will experiment with several different ways of reading the cards to explore our questions and concerns. To participate in the activities, please bring: 

  1. Your own deck of Tarot cards, preferably the Rider-Waite deck available through Internet retailers such as Amazon
  2. A journal and pen to write journal reflections, and 
  3. A smart phone

No experience with Tarot is needed. The emphasis will be on developing a personal, intuitive approach to the cards, grounded in self-care. 

A retired lawyer, Annilee Oppenheimer enjoys exploring dreams, poetry, the Tarot, fairy tales, and active imagination as vehicles to make connections — both with her deepest self and with others. She has been active in the Jung Society of Washington since 1999 and there she has found a safe container to do inner work. She is also a Haden Institute certified dream group leader and she has done much inner work in various dream circles.


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