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UNDERSTANDING SELF LOVE: Tantra and the Golden Shadow, an evening with Tim Lyons, LCSW

  • Friday, April 17, 2020
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Zoom
  • 3


On-site programs at The Jung Society have been suspended for the semester of Spring 2020 due to coronavirus.

Tim will be presenting his program via the Zoom online platform. Details for using Zoom are included on our home page. 

Please also note the date for the program has been changed to April 17th. If you cannot attend and would like to be refunded, simply email , thank you. We will be sending a notice to participants about the date change shortly. 


An Evening With...

The awakening of nourishing self love, self esteem and self care for body and mind are at the heart of every individuation and therapeutic process. In tonight’s presentation we will explore two invaluable and complementary paths to help discover and develop these qualities within ourselves; the integration of the golden shadow and self mastery through Tantric teachings.

When we are ripe to awaken to new potentialities within ourselves, they often first become visible in another person we admire, think of as a hero, or fall in love with.  We project our luminous, yet shadowy, unconscious golden potential on to them and they carry our gold for us, for a while…usually until some disillusionment tips us off. This is an opportunity for us to recognize that the projected gold can be an unlived quality within us which we may harvest and invest in the self through re-collection of the projection. Robert Johnson says of this process: “to own one’s shadow is the purpose of life,” and that “projecting our inner gold offers us the best chance for an advance in consciousness.”

The obstacles to reclaim this inner gold often grow out of a person’s negative self-judgment; we are not good enough to shine with such gold. In Tantra, consciously experiencing one’s passions and pleasures to the fullest is the goal. Tantric teachings provide meditational tools so that the energies of obstacles, negativities, pleasures and passions are transmuted into vehicles for enlightenment.  We learn to recognize the guru in each moment, and our most egotistical, miserable and dissatisfied thoughts are converted into fuel for our inner fire, for creativity and intimate connections. Combining the understanding of the golden shadow and Tantra allows us to fund our own inner happiness and be less dependent on others for happiness. In this way we turn our lead into gold and are able to love ourselves and others in the most profound healing way.

Timothy Lyons, LCSW, is a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist in private practice for individuals, couples and families in Capitol Hill, D.C. and Takoma Park, Maryland. He has a certificate for postgraduate studies from the Philadelphia Jung Institute and is a frequent presenter at the Jung Society of Washington. His postgraduate studies also include infant observation and art therapy. Tim’s work is further enhanced by his studies of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, yogic philosophies, Hatha yoga and Qi Gong. He has also completed teacher training in Trul Khor (Tibetan yoga). His earlier career as architect and editor includes writing for the Washington Post, and lecturing at the Smithsonian Institution.   


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