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Board Secretary

Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst and Assistant Clinical Professor at GWU

Erminia Scarcella, M.D., DLFAPA, is a physician specialized in psychiatry and psychoanalysis in the U.S., and neurology and psychiatry in Italy. She is the Assistant Clinical Professor at George Washington University and is the Designated Physician of the Embassy of Italy, Chair of the International Medical Graduated and Founder of Embassy Disaster Preparedness of the Washington Psychiatry Society. She is a medical director of ALHS, a mental health clinic in Washington DC. She has been President of JSW from 1999 to 2019.

She is in private practice from 1991 after working as an attending physician at at the Veterans Administration Hospital and then at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. She has been involved with Jung Analytic Psychology from 1964 on.

Her clinical work as psychiatrist is intertwined with the theoretic framework of Jung Analytic Psychology. She is also a member of Psychotherapy Caucus of APA, a member as well as former president of ASPP (America Society of psychodynamic Physician), a member of AAPDPP (America Academy of PsychoDynamic Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis).

She has received the honor of being a KNIGHT of the Republica of Italy.


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The Jung Society of Washington is a nonprofit educational institution. Although many of the Jung Society's programs involve analytical psychology and allied subjects, these offerings are intended, and should be viewed, as a source of information and education, and not as therapy. The Jung Society does not offer psychoanalytical or other mental health services.
Images of mandalas throughout this site were created by Carl Jung's patients between the years 1926 and 1945.
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